Focus on Education

We help the grandparent to understand the right way to educate the grandchildren because it is an important thing. No one can overlook its significance for a bright future.

Focus on Health

Raising Grandchildren also focus on the health of both grandparent and grandchildren. It is essential for the older people to maintain a healthy lifestyle, otherwise, they won’t be able to take care of their loved ones.

Bridge the gap

It is essential for the grandparents to bridge the generation gap with their grandchildren because both of them have a different perspective. We give essential tips in our workshops to fill the empty place if there any.


Raising Grandchildren is medium, which provides vital information on various topics that can help the grandparent to take care of the grandchildren. This is a powerful network that makes sure help is available all the time.

The Current Scenario

According to a survey, there are more than 22,000 Australia families, where the grandparents are raising the grandchildren, mostly due to some family crisis or busy parents. To become the primary carer for grandchildren is something unexpected and sudden. And the time comes when the retirement plans stand back and the responsibility of nurturing a second family become a priority. Although it went unnoticed in most of the cases, the grandparent goes through a lot of mental stress and physical exertion. As a result, they get frustrated and find it challenging to cope up with the surrounding of the grandchildren that changes rapidly.

Raising grandchildren is not an easy task for the elderly as young kids require energy, attention, and constant care. However, there are many responsible grandparents taking care of small children daily without missing a beat. Some babysit kids while the parents go to work, while others live with the children to provide full-time care as the parents may live in another city or aren’t around due to a tragedy. At Raising Grandchildren, we strive to help the elderly who are around the clock carers of small children or teenagers. We conduct a variety of workshops, events, and seminars to guide and motivate grandparents to over daily challenges.

Why it is challenging for Grandparents

Health Problem

It is fascinating to be a grandparent, but raising your grandchildren can be a challenging job, especially at that age. They may not accept the fact, but it is quite difficult for them to keep up with their grandchildren. The reason can be their due to health concerns, or it could be because the children are very active. Because of the pressure of responsibility, grandparents often complaint about heart problems, back and knee pain, etc.

Social Isolation

Grandparents who are taking care of their grandchildren, get involved in so many things that they do not have enough time for themselves. Owing to their tight parenting schedules, they hardly get any time for family get together, community activities, friends, travelling, church and so on. They do not realise this problem initially but soon, this social isolation frustrates them, and that impacts in various negative ways.

Education Difficulties

As the education segment is moving so fast and developing so rapidly, the grandparents are most likely to find it difficult to enrol the kids in school. On top of that, getting tutors to help the kids in their homework and learning more about special education and personalised education plans, can be hectic. Things have changed since they were parents, so they will feel out of touch.
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Tips for Grandparents

Look for Support Group

If you are raising your grandchildren, you would need support at some point of time. And this is where the support groups come into play. Here, you find numerous people who understand what you are experiencing. Thus you get a useful and quick solution.

Look for Support Group

Consider Safety

Make sure your home is child-friendly. And for that, you need to pay special attention to power cords, electrical outlets, handrails on staircases, tub surfaces and other such areas. The idea is to keep them physically safe.

Consider Safety

Ensure their good health

There are several low-cost health insurances for children, especially in Sydney and Newcastle, and you can apply for your grandchildren through the state government. Apart from that, you can have a close watch on their hygiene, diet, activities and habits, so that you can make the necessary changes.

Ensure their good health

Understand them

There is a huge generation gap between grandparents and grandchildren. So, a little bit of misunderstanding and conflict is possible. Here, the grandparents need to be very patient to tackle a problem without complicating the matter further.

Understand them

Give them space

It is imperative to understand that although they are children, they need some space. The grandparent should provide them with a separate room. This will allow them to spend some time with themselves and it is essential.

Give them space

Educate Yourself

There are so many things to learn about raising your grandchildren, so you should educate yourself whenever possible. Try to read books, watch videos, talk to friends and so on. The more you will learn, the more comfortable you will get with the kids.

Educate Yourself

Our Upcoming Events
We organise seminars and workshops in various regions of New South Wales like Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Central Coast, Coffs Harbour, etc. to provide help to the grandparents. Here they get vital tips to make things a lot easier for them.
7th April
Venue: Sydney, NSW

Seminar on “How To Bridge The Generation Gap”

15th April
Venue: Newcastle, NSW

Workshop on “How to help grandchildren in their study”

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