About Us


About Us

Raising Grandchildren is a useful resource for grandparents, who take care of their grandkids. We provide valuable and timely information on networks, tips, services, stories and support available to grandparents. Our team understand that taking the responsibility of a parent for the second time is quite challenging and different from the first time.

We have done our research, talked to thousands of Grandparents and realised that the major problem to their lives is the isolation, inadequate information and the energy drain. Our primary objective is to help them with the host of unexpected issues they face while raising their grandchildren. And thus, we conduct seminars and workshops in various regions of New South Wales like Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Central Coast, Coffs Harbour, etc.

Established in the year 2010, Raising Grandchildren understand the love of the grandparents for the children and thus provide every possible information so that these old people can protect and nurture their grandkids.




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Under the supervision of Richard Schwager (Sydney), Stella Jones (Wollongong) and Luka Robben (Central Coast), Raising Grandchildren started its journey with only five volunteers. Our dedication, commitment, hard work and desire to do something for the grandparents has helped us to become a reliable source of information. These three people have a clear and common objective, and that is to improve the grandparent in raising their grandkids by proving all the essential information and tips – right from education, activities, diet, and so on. They realised that these factors could create a lot of confusion and stress for these senior citizens and they wanted to create a medium that can help everyone and all the grandparents can share their experience in it.


We want to provide more and more accurate information for raising grandchildren in New South Wales so that the grandparents can use them to make their life a bit easy.


By providing the essential tips, we want grandparents across the nation to be stress-free. We want them to be happy while raising the grandchildren and not frustrated.


Commitment for the grandparents, authenticity and dedication for quality are some of our values that have helped us to serve the senior citizens for last so many years.
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