Challenges for Grandparents

Age Factor

No one can deny the impact of the growing age. Your reflexes become slow, the energy levels get low, the vision gets blur and your struggle with different pains. On top of that raising, grandchildren is not a matter of joke. The age factor can be a massive hurdle for older people as they find it difficult to cope with the children who are full of energy and real quick in everything.


Health is another crucial factor for grandparent. As they get old, they suffer from various health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problem and so on. Taking care of the grandkids along with their health is very difficult. Too much pressure also leads to mental stress and frustration. The deal with problems and thus it becomes difficult for them to focus on the grandkids.


Raising grandchildren is not that easy as it involves so much responsibility. To fulfil these responsibilities, grandparent often gets involve a lot and don’t get enough time for friends and critical social gatherings. This isolates them from everyone, and they fail to create a balance in life. If they overlook for a long time, it leads to frustration and a feeling of loneliness.

Inadequate Knowledge

The reason by most of the grandparent struggle with the education of their grandchildren is because the education segment had changed a lot from the time when they used to be a parent. Things have changed, and thus they usually complain about enrolling the kids in school, find it challenging to help them in their homework, get confused about understanding personalised education plans, and so on.

Generation Gap

No one can deny this problem! The difference of opinions between the young generation and the old generation regarding politics, beliefs and values can cause conflict in the house. Things have changed so much and so rapidly that grandparent often finds it difficult to cope up with the situation.  This happens because both the grandparents and the kids do not focus on the similarities they share and keep the communication close.

Financial Issues

Grandparents often face difficulty in spending too much money on their grandkids. This is because they usually live on a fixed income and do not have any additional income source to cover the extra expenses. Many grandparents may have to make financial sacrifices and quit their jobs. They can also face difficulty in things like health care, child-care, insurance and other essential requirements of the child.